Cherry Blossoms Hijiki Takikomi

The other night my Mom and I cooked something really special.
Perfect for a cozy spring night. 'Takikomi Gohan' is a Japanese rice dish seasoned with soy sauce & dashi.
It looks yummy & beautiful but super easy to make! Plus, it goes perfectly well with champagne.
This simple & easy rice dish 'cherry blossom hijiki takikomi' will make your night amazing. Dried hijiki looks like black tea leaves however hijiki is a very special food! Indeed!!!!! High in fiber, full of iron and minerals. 


1) Rinse rice and let it sit for 20mins
2) Soak hijiki in a bowl of water, drain and set aside
3) Place rice into a rice cooker
4) Add water fill to lines, cook rice using the 'Mix (takikomi)' setting
5) Add hijiki, a tbsp of salt
6) When rice is done cooking, mix quickly and let it sit for 15mins
7) Sprinkle all sesame mixture and cut salt-cherry blossoms


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