Peach Vinegar Smoothie

You look like you need a very good smoothie. Yes, you!
In general, I’d say I am a morning person. Waking up early makes me very excited. I like waking up early! Nothing is more relaxing looking at the sunrise, thinking about the day with a nice cup of coffee next to me.

Guess what?  This is the perfect time to enjoy a glass of vinegar smoothie!!!
Vinegar with fresh fruits, fresh vegetables can actually help your body to be recharged completely.  Plus, vinegar contains vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other health benefits!

If you’re a vinegar lover, you know what I am talking about, don’t you?

In a couple of months to July, we are able to enjoy very fresh peach in my country Japan. So this is the perfect drink for this pre summer season.

juicy peach smoothie

2 servings

total: 5 min

7 oz peach
5 tbsp yogurt
2 cups of kurozu drink(black vinegar drink)

PLACE all ingredients in a blender
BLEND until smooth 

Fresh- juicy-sweet -very moist peaches with kurozu(black vinegar) with some yogurt of your choice, you will be amazed how refreshed you can feel. I promise, you will love it.

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