Ankake Tofu

Guess what I cooked last night? Isn’t this pretty?
Tofu is versatile, well, soy beans are versatile.
Non-fermented, fermented products are everywhere in Japan. We can definitely say soybean and Japanese culture are inseparable!

And I consider this ‘Ankake Tofu’ is one of the comfort dishes.
Ankake Tofu is Tofu with think sauce. Very nutritious tofu with rich and smooth sauce with variety ingredients is amazing. You will love this dish. I promise.

This is how we cook.

1) Boil tofu about 5 mins, place on paper towel, let it sit 15mins
2) Combine water, mirin, soysauce in a pan. Add chicken, carrots, mushrooms. Let it simmer for 15mins with medium heat. This became sauce in a short time.
3) In a separate small bowl, mix starch with water
4) Add 3) to sauce and mix well

Have a nice weekend!



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