Ginger Pork

Thinking about what to make tonight? I have the easiest and delicious recipe for you!
If you like Japanese food, I know you know this dish! Yes. This is one of the most popular Japanese pork dishes.  Pork grilled with grated ginger sauce. I must say, I love this sauce. Sauce is made with the combination of grated ginger, soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar. Very Japanese style. It is a bit similar to Teriyaki sauce, but not as sweet as Teriyaki sauce and more gingery ;)

·         7oz(200g) thinly-sliced pork loin
·         2 tbsp ginger, grated
·         Salt and Black Pepper
·         1 Tbsp sesami oil
·         3 Tbsp soy sauce
·         2 Tbsp mirin
·         2 Tbsp sake
·         1 tbsp sugar

1 ) Grate ginger root. In a bowl, combine ginger, say sauce, mirin, sake and sugar.
2) Season the meat with a bit of salt
3) Heat a pan with medium heat and add sesame oil, then place the pork in a single layer until it gets to beautiful golden brown.
4) Add the sauce and cook for a few minutes.
5) Serve with lettuce 

Happy Thursday!

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