Best Dessert to cool off

Prep:overnight | Total:4h(over night+4h)

shiratama ball:
1/2 box(16 ounce)shiratamako(rice flour)
2/3-3/4 cup water

For topping azuki paste
8-ounce package azuki beans
2 cups sugar
1/2 tspn salt
++ if you are having a busy night, buy azuki(red bean)paste

Prep:before you go to bed
WASH azuki beans
COVER with water, let stand overnight

DRAIN water, replacing with five times water compares with the amount of beans, bring to boil
COVER and simmer about 2 hours until beans become tender. Adjust the water if there is still too much---in the end, we need to make it as paste
ADD sugar and cook about 1 hour, stirring occasionally
ADD salt and cook 10 additional minutes

PUT shiratamako in a bowl
ADD water gradually and KNEAD well, make a stiff dough
MAKE small balls
BOIL enough water in a large pan and add balls
SEE balls float, keep boiling few more minutes
REMOVE the balls and cool in cold water
DRAIN and serve balls in individual bowls and top with azuki bean paste

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