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I happen to know about “Barefoot contessa” from one of my friends a couple of weeks ago. I am quite happy and glad that she shared with me about this amazing woman, chef celebrity Ina Garten.

Here is the truth, at the moment I saw her clips on youtube, I immediately felt she was special. There was something special on how she draws audiences attention to her by showing how she cooks, how she explains the process simply, with extensive information. Her idea and tips for organizing and decorating houses are also enjoyable to watch. I got so excited. Every time I saw her episode, I felt warm and special. I cannot step away from the TV screen even a second. Well, let me rephrase, I don’t want to miss any information.

30-minute-spisodes are full of passion, deliciously shot, you will be totally refreshed, amazed by her. She is such an amazing woman who cooks all kinds of cuisines such as French, American, Asian, British, Italian and go on. Who knew she had her own product lines? We may be able to cook like her! Indeed! Without any doubt, I ordered several cooking kits immediately.

As you may imagine, she has fans all around the world. No doubt that she was nominated daytime Emmy for several years.

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