Joa joa left me another funny voice message last night. 
I love listening messages from her. She always makes me laugh.
She is very creative. I wonder how she creates so many versions of funny messages. Funny, full of surprises, and comforting. Her song voice message is the best. I hope I could use that as my ringtones. How lucky I am to have her in my life.

If someone asks me to characterize Joajoa after talented, pretty, the next word that might come to mind would be “bright and bubbly”. She is fashionable. Maybe swimming effects? Looks very fresh. I know everyone says that. She looks like as if she spends fortune for skincare and facial. BOTOX, fillers etc. But I am sure she is not. I really wanna know the secrets. I’ve been talking to her almost everyday for a year now, but the secret is still in a myth.
What surprises me most is that she drinks endlessly. SO MUCH. Why she looks so fresh all the time. 
She will be coming for a business trip this week. I am sure we will have some fun. Stay tuned.

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